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Clean Seal™ improves your indoor air quality and safeguards your health. This unique two-step process begins by meticulously cleaning your ductwork to remove accumulated dirt, dust, and allergens. Then, the latest technology is used to seal any leaks, cutting off the path for new pollutants and ensuring your environment remains pure and protected.

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Steam Dry Canada is a full service residential and commercial cleaning company, serving locations all across Canada since 2002.

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Steam Dry Canada
Clean Seal™ Advantage
Revitalize the air quality in your home and so much more:
Increased Airflow
Increased Airflow
Clean Seal's patented sealing process eliminates leaks in your ductwork, even the ones you can’t see, facilitating a smoother, more consistent flow of air.
More Even Temperatures
More Even Temperatures Throughout the Home 
By optimizing the efficiency of your ductwork, Clean Seal ensures that conditioned air is evenly distributed throughout your home. No more hot or cold spots in different rooms!  
Enhanced HVAC Performance
Enhanced HVAC Performance 
Leak-free ductwork means your HVAC system doesn't have to work overtime to maintain your desired temperature, leading to improved system performance.  
Better Humidity Control
Better Humidity Control 
By maintaining optimal humidity, Clean Seal helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew, ensuring a healthier living space. 
Guaranteed Results
Guaranteed Results 
The Clean Seal process offers you clear, proven results. We use advanced technology to check and fix air leaks, then give you a simple report showing the before and after—so you can see the difference our service makes with no guesswork.
Earn Money Back
Earn Money Back  
Get a tax break and improve your home’s air quality with Clean Seal. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, you could get a tax credit of 30% of Clean Seal's service cost, up to $600, saving you money while you make your home healthier.
Learn more about Clean Seal™  

Discover the power behind Clean Seal™ with our patented Aeroseal technology, a proven innovation featured in This Old House, CNBC, the Today Show, and Green Builder Magazine.

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Clean Seal™ FAQs
Can you fix my hot and cold rooms?

Yes! Sealing your vents and ducts directs the air where it’s needed, rather than into unused areas like your basement, attic, or crawl space. This significantly improves uneven temperatures in your home. In fact, homes with temperature differences of up to 10 degrees have seen these reduced to just 1 or 2 degrees after sealing. 

What about larger holes?

Our technology is recommended for leaks 5/8 inches in diameter or smaller, where it performs best. However, the Clean Seal process can seal almost any size leak. Large holes are typically identified and manually sealed during the initial inspection before the automated sealing begins. 

What if there is excess sealant? Where does it go?

Some of our formula may leak into the places where your air was previously leaking – attics, garages, and wall cavities.  As part of our process, we will set up professional-grade air filters/air scrubbers to suction any sealant that escapes into your living areas.

If I have my ducts sealed, can they be cleaned in the future?

Yes. All duct materials (sheet metal, flex, duct board, etc.) can be successfully cleaned after sealing. The sealant formula is durable and will remain flexible enough to withstand subsequent cleaning over time.

How long does this stuff last?

All Clean Seals include a 10-year warranty. However, the sealant has been lab-tested to last up to 40 years.

How long does it take for the sealant to completely dry?

The dry time can vary based on the size of your duct system and the amount of leakage. However, most jobs dry within about 2 hours.

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